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Holiday 2011/2012 makeup trend: Sugar-frosted

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Amp up your evening makeup this Holiday season with a new trend that’s made to dazzle and impress – the sugar-frosted makeup look. Our friends at Clinique have created a look that’s sure to complement your outfits as you go party-hopping this month.

It’s all about an intense, dramatic eye to accentuate your makeup. Add a little shimmer and a lot of impact to your look with Sugarfrosted holiday eyes limited edition range. Intensely-lined eyes plus dressed-up lashes add a sparkle that will last all night long.

Use these products to achieve this look:

Quickliner for Eyes Intense

With a creamy formulation, this liner glides on easily and evenly without skipping, tugging or dragging on lids. The deep and frosty shades provide saturated colour in a silky formula.

Available in:

  • Intense Plum
  • Intense Midnight
  • Frosty Chocolate
  • Frosty Charcoal

Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour

Infused with nourishing ingredients, these long-wearing cream shadows deliver rich, crease-resistant colour that stays put for eight hours.

Using a unique ‘cooling’ applicator, the skin care infused formula helps visibly rejuvenate the delicate eye area while revolutionizing the application process.

Available in:

  • Sassy-fras
  • Pinkgo Biloba
  • Born Freesia
  • Salt and Pepper

High Impact Mascara

In a limited edition shade, this instant gratification mascara delivers intense, glamorous, dressed-up lashes in a flash.

Available in:

  • Brightening Black

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