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Beauty Dashboard: 6 must-have designer fragrances for 2012

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Others may have religious artifacts or the entire cast of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs on their car dashboard, but we prefer to have something a bit more luxe to give an enticing foreground to the dull asphalt-laden roads of Dubai – both visually and olfactively.

Yup, by that we mean decorating our dash with coveted perfumes from the world’s top perfumeries. We’ve compiled our 6 must-have fragrances for 2012 so you can breeze through the whole year smelling and feeling like a million bucks.

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Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial

A modern iteration of the master perfumer’s 1925 classic, the composition of Shalimar Parfum Initial includes citruses, green notes, flowers, woody accords and oriental scents. Starting from citruses, the composition adds zest of bergamot and orange. Rose flowers and jasmine are embraced by hints of vetiver and patchouli, while oriental notes of vanilla, white musk and luscious tonka warm up  the whole composition.

John Richmond Viva Rock

A floral woody musk for women, Viva Rock by John Richmond includes top notes of mandarin orange, carambola (star fruit) and cactus, joined by middle notes are jasmine and rose drawn from an inviting base of musk, iris and amber.

Mauboussin Pour Elle

Jewellery brand Mauboussin, close to two centuries old, broadens its market with the release of the perfume Pour Elle. Chic and elegant notes of orange blossom, red fruits, rhubarb, rose, jasmine, gardenia, amber, caramel and sandalwood create a fruity floral aroma that will be loved by fans of the house’s jewels.

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette

A contemporary version of Thierry Mugler’s first fragrance Angel, this scent  exudes freshness, innocence and sensuality expressed with deep oriental – gourmand components. The cocktail is described as an oriental – gourmand – powdery mix, opening with a fresh wave of bergamot and pink pepper, which is slowly replaced by delightful wave of praline and dewy red fruits. Notes of patchouli, cedar wood, vanilla and white musk linger with every spray.

Tous L’Eau de Parfum

A pure mix that radiates simplicity and transparency, Tous’ L’Eau de Parfum is a floral – woody – musky scent that was created by Nathalie Lorson, vibrating with notes of mandarin, lemon and floral accords. The heart of freesia, jasmine, white peony and black currant is settled on a base of white musk, patchouli and transparent amber.

Arabian Nights Woman by J. Del Pozo

A light oud-like scent forms the warm, exotic essence of the Arabian Nights Woman. Topped with hints of ylang-ylang, cinnamon and orange blossom, the fragrance continues with incense, gardenia and Egyptian jasmin radiating from a base of myrrh and oud wood.

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