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8 beauty and health resolutions for 2012

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Looking good means feeling good. Feeling good translates to doing great. That’s why this year, it is a must to look good, feel good and do great. So, following our style resolutions for 2012, here are the basic beauty must-dos that will hopefully see through this challenge.


2012 should see a less chaotic beauty closet. Check out the expiry dates of your make-up, and (as much as it hurts) throw them away. There is no need to hold on to expired beauty products; for one it is unhygienic, and two, new beauty trends will come out this year.

Establish and follow a beauty regimen

Plan it, think it over and follow a beauty regimen to the letter: wash, tone and moisturise. Scrub or use facial mask once a week to say bye to dead skin cells.

Seek regular help from the experts

Do not forget to visit the salon or spa for a regular, ideally monthly facial. Try the diamond, caviar or chocolate facials if you’re up for something adventurous, but if you’re the conservative type who can’t risk it for the promise of glowing, younger looking skin, simply stick to traditional deep facial cleansing.


Need we say more? We know eating a balanced diet or even a rigorous follow of Atkins or Dukan won’t simply do. To get those toned muscles or six-pack abs (read: ambitious) then it is a must to work out. Whether it is hitting the gym, stretching on a yoga mat, running in a mill or dancing the fats away that works for you, what matters most is that it must be done regularly and continuously.

Eat right

Ditch the junk, and go for the greens. Drinks lots of water and fresh juices too. Do not skip meals as it only results to slowing down body’s metabolism. Stay away from emotional eating that leads to binging out over comfort foods (ie. cupcakes, ice cream, macaroons and the likes). Not only for that dream of Jolie body, this resolution actually helps in building healthy lifestyle that should have to be followed for life.

Sleep more

No amount of moisturizers, facials or even spa treatments can measure with good old beauty rest. If you want fresh-looking, radiant skin and in an instant then better hit the bed early and save yourself with trouble of break outs and dullness. This, of course, is easier said than done.

With our active work and social life, it’s difficult to squeeze in the required eight hours of sleep. But, in times of need (say special occassion that imposes immediate beauty fix), do not hesitate to free yourself from previous scheduled appointments, and simply buzz off.


Wake up each day with a smile. Not only it brightens your mood, it also makes you look pretty and happy. So, get rid of negative thoughts, imbibe positive vibes, and make sure that nothing – not even a Miranda Priestly type of boss – can ruin your sunny personality.

Stay confident

Do not worry, failing to follow these basic beauty resolutions does not mean the end of your quest to look good-feel good-do great for 2012. The most powerful beauty tool one can ever have is confidence. No matter what size you are, or what skin type you have, being confident in who you are never fails.

Remember Betty Suarez’s mantra: “I am an attractive, intelligent and confident [business] woman.” So this 2012, promise to forget insecuries, leave whatever emotional baggage you have, be confident with who you are inside, and you’re all set.

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