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Whatever happened to @GossipChronicle?

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If you’ve been in the industry for as long as we have, you’ll know that every little thing that pops up is worth talking about – a new lipstick, a fashion editor getting fired, a model getting photoshopped, an editor apologising for photoshopping said model, etc.

But when something as scandalous as a contentious Twitter account crops up, threatening to ruffle feathers and upset the hierarchy of the city’s sartorial set and nobody talks about it except in hushed tones and a little bit of morse code, you get confused. How can we in the fashion reporting community write about a nail polish that lasts seven days but not say one word about an anonymous entity who mocks the work of others?

We’re going to be the first to ask this openly: Whatever happened to @GossipChronicle?

We know it’s gossipy at best but since we’re about to wrap up 2011, it’s good to indulge in a little bit of gossip. Back in May, an anonymous Twitter account was set up and started posting tweets (tagged ones, mind you) about the same old people we see at events and parties – the socialites and the fashion bloggers.

A flurry of mocking tweets about a certain socialite’s hemlines, a blogger plagiarising creative ideas from another, fashion bloggers hating each other ensued. But after that one day of getting set up and creating buzz, nada.

Just when we thought Dubai was going to get its own petty version of Gossip Girl (believe it or not, it was a freshly entertaining break from all the lipstick writing), the only candidate disappeared after a mere 24 hours. We’re not really concerned about who they were or why they decided to go public, but really, what happened to @GossipChronicle?

Any thoughts? Does having around something like GG do more harm than good?

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