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The Beauty File: Cast fine lines away with Orlane Nuit

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It’s been a while since we last shared our latest finds in the beauty department, but don’t fret, we have found something that won’t disappoint. We just discovered an anti-ageing and extreme line reducing range by Orlane.

Orlane is an international French brand renowned for being the pioneer in the development of anti-aging skincare solutions. The brand is a prestigious brand that is famous for its refined and highly effective skincare products. The name stands for 60 years of research and experience dedicated to beauty.

It has come up with pioneering monitoring system combined with new advances in chrono-biology has proven that night time is the best time to renew the skin and repair wrinkles. This discovery is the origin of the 3 Extreme Line Reducing Night Program, the most effective way of renewing skin for women age 40 and older.

The night program is the most complete and effective solution for extreme skin repair and renewal, giving the skin an overdose of energy for the night, leaving the skin repaired and renewed. With regular application of ORLANE’s Extreme Line Reducing Night program, the wrinkles that once seemed devastating will finally be nothing but a memory.

Included in the Treatment Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Care range are:

Eye Contour

This fine, delicate, fragrance-free cream is gentle and comforting around the eyes, in addition to being hypoallergenic. Result? When awakening from a night’s sleep, lines and wrinkles are less pronounced. The eyes are rested. They appear younger. The Eye Contour comes in airless pump bottle at AED 515 each 15 ml.

Face Cream

This lusciously comfortable cream melts onto the skin and envelops it with instant comfort. Its delicately sweet fragrance instantly soothes the tension accumulated through daily stress. Result? When awakening from a night’s sleep, wrinkles are less visible and the skin’s surface is smoother. The skin is radiant and visibly younger. It comes in a jar at AED 927 each 50 ml.


This opalescent serum, with an incomparable texture and silky feel, melts immediately upon contact with the skin. Result? The face is smooth and radiant upon awakening. The skin appears visibly younger and more beautiful. It comes in airless pump bottle at AED 953 each 30 ml.

*Orlane is available for sale in all Paris Gallery, Areej, Bin Sina Pharmacy and Beauty Bay.

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