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Make a sartorial statement with Shourouk

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Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like you should go to work in jeans or, God forbid, a velvet tracksuit to stay as comfortable as possible? Don’t be ashamed, it happens to all of us.

But the difference between the eternally stylish and the intermittently fashionable is the commitment, and the knowledge to stay true to this commitment without having to dress up as stiffly as Karl Lagerfeld on Church day. So what if you slip in a pair of basics for one day?The style set has a trunkful of handy tricks that they use to remain in the sacred club while still enjoying a semblance of comfort – and tip #1 is statement jewellery.

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Always calling for an understated canvas, costume jewellery requires the basics in order to work its blingy magic. Take for instance, a white shirt matched with that ever trusty pair of True Religion jeans. Anyone could wear that, but would anyone think of blinging it out with Shourouk’s statement pieces?

Using materials like Swarovski crystals, metal sequins, silk and industrial materials to create hybrid pieces of vanity, Shourouk embodies a fusion of elegance and drama which, while contrasting in nature, achieve a harmonious blend that both provokes and subdues at the same time. That sounds a lot to digest, but if it’s good enough for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s runway show, then we’re totally sold.

Dash off now to Saks Fifth Avenue in BurJuman and get Shourouk’s wow factor.

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