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Maison Roger Vivier acquires world’s most expensive shoe at about AED 100,000

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Maison Roger Vivier has acquired the world’s most expensive pair of shoes at an auction of iconic Vivier pieces – and yes, that means it bought back its own creation from Monsieur Vivier’s personal collection – for a record €19,750 (~ AED 97,000).

The heritage piece, designed and crafted in 1962 for Princess Soraya and thus named after the Queen Consort of the late Shah of Iran, are kitten-heeled pumps embroidered with silver thread and adorned with topaz.

The Princess Soraya pumps were acquired by Maison Roger Vivier together with the French Shoe Federation and the French State in a bid to keep the late designer’s exquisite collection intact, rather than having them sold to international collectors. Also up for bids were Vivier designs for various celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor and John Lennon.

The Princess Soraya pumps, together with a large chunk of Vivier’s collection, will remain on display at the International Shoe Museum, in Romans-sur-Isère, near Lyon, where they had been housed until Vivier’s heir decided to put the collection on sale.

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  1. Chief

    December 4, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Wow, what a show design, never before saw a kitten heel! nice post.

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