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In Dubai, the Devil Wears Padra

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Well, well, well… Look what we spotted peddling their wares in one of the busiest areas in Dubai. Fresh off a meeting at the JW Marriott in Deira, we ventured into the neighbouring Hamarain Centre to check out their retail offerings.

And boy were we amazed with the kind of retail experience the place offers its patrons. There’s one Italian luxury brand that was sorely missed when it briefly left its UAE customers back in 2010 (it returned with a bang in the Fall of 2011) – but who would have known something else would try to take its place?

Nestled in the heart of the shopping centre is an apparel store called Padra, a brand to which we were introduced by the strikingly familiar signage above. To represent its core values to existing and potential customers, Padra decided to borrow an iconic logo fashion folk the world over all know and love.

We would have let them get away with it if they at least used a slightly different font, or didn’t blatantly recreate the oval motif. After all, a misplaced letter could mean a whole other brand going after a totally different market segment. But pulling a stunt like this bent on confusing unwary consumers is just unforgiveable. Endlessly hilarious, yes, but unforgiveable nonetheless.

Paging Al Tayer Insignia… any thoughts?

Photo credit: Sonny Guzman

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