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Ditch the planner, get a Louis Vuitton 2012 City Guide

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The title says it all. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful New Year present for a friend or yourself, how about one of these Louis Vuitton 2012 City Guides?

We’re all suckers for everything European, and chances are you and your friends are too. So how about, instead of the same old black planner which nobody ever uses past the third week of January, get yourself or your pals an updated city guide to a European city you’ve never visited? It could be an unspoken invitation to an adventurous weekend to explore the best the city has to offer.

New additions to Louis Vuitton’s vast collection of informative city guides include Bari, Birmingham, Odessa, Salzburg and Zagreb, which now come in the maison’s European City Box set. Croatia and Ukraine sound like a lovely discovery for friends or couples who crave new experiences.

But if the promise of the rise of Asia sounds more inviting than the old world allure of Europe, then opt for the Hong Kong and Macau guides, which for the first time in Louis Vuitton’s City Guides are now chronicled for the jet set to enjoy.


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