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aennis eunis unveils 1001 Nights collection at Bloomingdale’s Dubai

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Jordanian footwear label aennis eunis, known among the region’s style squad for its clever fusion of traditional Arabesque motifs and modern designs, recently unveiled an exclusive collection dubbed 1001 Nights at Bloomingdale’s Dubai.

Anas Shanaah, the designer behind this heritage-centric brand, explored stories of passion, adventures and treasures woven centuries ago from all over the ancient eastern world to create 1001 Nights. The designer has interlaced this rich collection of stories in his own unique way by selecting seven characters including Shahrazade, Parizade, Badeia Al Jamal, Shams Al Nahar, Al Ward Fi Al Akmam, Jawharah Al Bihar and Zain II Mawasef.

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Each crafted piece reflects the character’s personality, beauty and finesse and is packaged in a lavish box of velvet with black and gold tassels accompanied by a mini-story that illustrates and defines each captivating design.

“If you read the story behind each of these characters you can see the inspiration in the design,” Shanaah says. “The use of materials, characteristics, colours and attitude all lead to the events behind that particular story.”

The 1001 Nights collection by aennis eunis is currently on display in the Footwear Department on the Ground Floor at Bloomingdale’s – Dubai, and is on view for shoppers and available for purchase through special order only until 7th January, 2012.

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