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Roberto Coin’s $48,600 24K golden table now in Dubai

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It’s all in the headline, our dear friends. There is a table, somewhere out there, that’s coated with 24K gold and costs approximately $48,600 (~ AED 180,000). And by out there we mean Wafi City in Dubai.

Italian high-end jewellery brand Roberto Coin’s first venture into the world of interior design could not have come with any more shock factor as they announced this bizarre marriage between furniture and art (and needless to say, unimaginable opulence).

The Golden Table is made out of stainless steel and wood and is coated in a thick layer of 24 karat gold. It’s not gold-plated, but instead applied with gold by hand to achieve a particular luster that cannot be done through electroplating. In addition, there’s a hidden ruby inlay which follows Roberto Coin’s signature touch.

People will say all sorts of bashful things about this piece. Of course, there’s the never ending litany about world hunger, human greed, et cetera (which, by the way, will never stop rich people from spending their money on whatever their mind could conceive).

But while everyone debates whether Roberto Coin should even make a table as lavish as this one in the first place, we have only one thing to say to whoever gets to buy it: Whatever you do, don’t forget to use a coaster.

Come take a look at Roberto Coin’s Golden Table at the brand’s dedicated boutique in Wafi City.

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