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Louis Vuitton to launch its first ever fragrance?

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For decades, many people have wondered why Louis Vuitton, the crown jewel of luxury conglomerate LVMH’s massive portfolio of high-end brands, hasn’t launched as obviously marketable and profitable a product as a branded fragrance.

The answer? They’re pretty strict about brand extensions and therefore don’t want selling to a market for whom their core products aren’t intended. Can’t afford a Speedy, or at least a card case worth $300? You shouldn’t even think about buying Vuitton. It is – or, following credible rumours, was – that simple.

LV is now reportedly set to create its first-ever fragrance, following news that the brand has recently hired top perfumer Jacques Cavalier-Belletrud – who would have no business working at Louis Vuitton if the brand wasn’t planning to enter the fragrance business.

No further information is available from Louis Vuitton so nobody knows if it’s gonna be fruity, floral, woody or musky. One thing we’re sure of, however, is this is not going to be just another perfume launch that nobody will remember two months later.

Having known the brand for so long, we’re expecting an iconic first-ever scent from LV, and judging by Cavalier-Belletrud’s talent for extracting essences from near-extinct flora, we know we won’t be disappointed.

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