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“I don’t pretend to be a designer” – Anna dello Russo in Dubai talks about her new perfume, street style and being a fashion icon

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Earlier this month, we announced Anna dello Russo’s big visit to Dubai to host the first anniversary celebrations of Symphony Boutique, a homegrown luxury fashion and lifestyle retailer at the Dubai Mall.

Today, we caught up with the style icon for a one-on-one interview to discuss her eponymous perfume – that golden little shoe-shaped thing with a bow bearing her instantly recognisable name –  the influence of street style today on the world of fashion, and her transformation into a style icon most fashion-obsessives can only aspire to mimic.

But first, here’s a quick video of Anna dello Russo talking about when and how her love affair with fashion began.

On dressing the way you do – what do you love most about it? What setbacks do you face?

I love the excess. The setback sometimes is the expectation, everyone is following you and watching what you wear so you have to always get new clothes and new shoes.

Some fashion commentators have said that editors these days are trying too hard to keep up with style bloggers. What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t really care about it because I am a fashion editor as well as a blogger. But I don’t think editors are trying too hard. This is street style and it has elevated the way attendees dress at shows during fashion week. Before, people dressed normally to attend the shows, but now with bloggers in the equation, there has been a positive effect on how people dress up.

A recent article by a GQ editor suggested that street style has become too self aware and the industry is now getting over it. Do you think this is true?

Street style is definitely not dead, it’s still the big thing now. For a long time nobody took photos of fashion on the streets and now interest has been renewed. It works alongside runway fashion and shows the other side of how fashion is worn everyday on the streets.

Why was the perfume an obvious choice for the Anna dello Russo brand, why not a clothing collaboration?

I am obsessed with fashion, it is my religion. But I don’t pretend to be a designer. I respect the job of the designers too much to do that and I know how hard it is for them to create amazing pieces. I decided to go with a perfume instead because it sends a message and lets people know the Anna dello Russo brand more intimately.

Is the perfume just a stepping stone for a much larger AdR brand? Should we expect more to come?

I cannot say, I don’t know yet where the brand will take me, but for now I am always willing to experiment and grow the Anna dello Russo brand and from there we will see what works.