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Hermès Birkins on auction at Christie’s South Kensington

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In case you haven’t read the popular book Bringing Home the Birkin and therefore are still having difficulty scoring the iconic handbag, fret not because Christie’s South Kensington is offering discerning fashion-conscious females the opportunity to brighten up their wardrobes with a rainbow of Hermès handbags in the upcoming Elegance auction.

The date for the handbag fiesta has been set on November 16, 2011 at Christie’s Old Brompton Road saleroom at 10:30 am, where at least sixty coveted pieces, together with contemporary and antique designer jewellery and watches, will be put up for auction. These items will be on public exhibition a few days prior to the auction.

We’re talking about flying off to London and warring with other bidders from across the globe like it’s the most normal process of obtaining an Hermès handbag – some people would think it’s crazy – but considering all the other tricks some customers have had to pull just get their paws on a croc Birkin, we can almost say that this is the most straightforward way to go about it.

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