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Alien meets Flight of the Navigator with John Hardy’s Palu collection

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We’re quoting really old movies now, an act that somehow alienates us from the Twitter generation, but these two movies – Alien and Flight of the Navigator – are the first things that sprung to mind the moment we laid eyes on John Hardy’s new Palu collection.

The fluid lines and the ripples that gave each piece a dynamic, almost liquid metal look made us look back on sci-fi movies of the ’80s instead of instantly assimilating it with the original inspiration of the collection. This natural, ergonomic simplicity is then countered by intricate detailing on the edges or the inside part of the cuffs, indicating a different level of John Hardy’s mastery in creating fine jewellery.

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This new John Hardy range traces its roots back to the Bali’s artisan traditions. Dubbed Palu, meaning hammer, the collection depicts how Balinese craftsmen demonstrated their adeptness at manipulating silver and turning the metal into masterpieces.

The John Hardy Palu Collection is available in Dubai at Azal in Emirates Towers Boulevard.

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