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LFW SS2012: Topshop Unique’s sporty bling

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Much like we felt during KTZ’s show, we didn’t really dig the first half of Topshop Unique’s Spring 2012 collection. We’re not exactly sporty people here at La Moda so gold-detailed jerseys and sweatsuits aren’t really our cup of tea.

But we always to try to keep an open mind so we stayed on to see all the looks.

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Our interest in Topshop Unique’s Spring line lies in the more fashion-oriented pieces. The dresses which made clever use of golden sketches to bring out graphic patterns are somewhere between elegant and bold – the scale just won’t tip to either side of the equation.

The cleopatra neckpieces liven up a dull black cocktail frock. Rudimentary tribal prints go with SS2012’s direction of celebrating ethnic diversity. Especially look out for the ones in gold on a complementing teal fabric.

Photos by Duilio Marconi, exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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