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LFW SS2012: Sartorial perfection by Todd Lynn

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Todd Lynn’s Spring 2012 collection at London Fashion Week proves that this fashion youngblood still has a lot of moves in his game.

From last year’s Star Trek serpentina theme, the Canadian-born designer ditches the crazy embellishments (curved metal plates to name one) and focuses on creating wearable pieces, but without losing touch of his signature edge.

Todd Lynn orchestrates his adeptness at cutting wearable jumpsuits and memorable pantsuits – makes you wonder why Hilary Clinton always stuck with her boring realtor-type suits when she could have worn a few of Lynn’s creations instead.

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The focal point in this season’s collection is the silk drapery that goes around the waist, giving a bit of drama to an otherwise mundane pair of trousers, and creates a contrast, whether in material or colour, against stiff, structured blazers with cut-out pockets.

The jackets, whose missing chunks of fabric are stitched up by metal link, tell a unique story of their own. Extra flaps of fabric extend far from where blouses would have been originally cut so they can be inserted into cut-out shorts and create a dramatic, bat-flying-in-the-wind effect.

And who could forget the beautiful zigzag magic that Todd Lynn has done to some of his knitwear offerings (which we doubt even Pringle of Scotland could have done themselves)? Diagonal cords alternate with see-through knitted wool to create a surreal visual effect that becomes even more pronounced with movement.

Photos by Duilio Marconi, exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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