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LFW SS2012: John Rocha goes avant-garde

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You know the first step to gaining the title of an avant-garde fashion designer? Crazy headpieces. And John Rocha’s recent Spring 2012 showcase at London Fashion Week included a lot of interesting ones ranging from Trojan horse manes to satellite dish framewires.

The John Rocha show didn’t stop at just headpieces – which somehow reminded us of Furne One’s Spring 2011 accessories – however, and went all out this season by playing with asymmetrical structures, graded deconstruction, sheers and a chrysanthemum-like fabric.

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Many of the pieces we enjoyed are not exactly wearable on the street, but anyone who dares don these avant-garde styles during fashion week will become instant style celebrities, no questions asked.

It’s the combination of strong lines detailing flowing see-through chiffon, of petal-like embellishments on a brooding black frock, that beautifully captures that dissimilitude over which everyone is going crazy this season.

Photos by Duilio Marconi, exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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