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LFW SS2012: Brooding drama at Corrie Nielsen

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From the show’s setup alone, you can already kind of tell what kind of fashion is set to go down the runway. If Christopher Kane had a minimal, futuristic ambience to his show area to mirror the DNA of his Spring 2012 line, Corrie Nielsen’s dark and dramatic atmosphere didn’t fail to express the mood of her new collection.

The focus this season is on the beauty of the olden days’ silhouettes and details, updated with an architectural approach to design that juxtaposes old world forms to modern-day techniques.

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Power Jabot collars and exaggerated Bertha necklines are the next big thing in fashion. Puffy-sleeved see-through shirts, worn with a waistcoat and a pair of pleated trousers in cream, are London’s new take on dressing in drag. Japanese kimonos were also given the Corrie Nielsen touch – and the fashion world knows everything she touches turns into sartorial gold.

After seeing the entire collection, there comes a point when the perceived drama becomes literal – spectators could almost see these pieces being worn in a bizarre costume drama.

Photos by Duilio Marconi, exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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