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Where to stay in Munich: The Westin Grand Hotel

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Some holidaymakers want to take days off work to be in the middle of it all – to experience something they have very little time for when they’re busy with reports, presentations and fashion shows (for some lucky folks).

Others however, prefer to get away from it all and live in luxurious peace as they while away the days with a good book in a quiet hotel room with an amazing, yet detached view of the city’s hustle and bustle.

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If the latter is what you want in a holiday, the Westin Grand Munich is worth checking out. Located in Arabellapark, a serene area in the Eastern outskirts of the city, the Westin Grand offers a refreshing experience that is sure to recharge and rejuvenate.

Unlike many European hotels, the Westin Grand Munich is housed in a 23-floor building, featuring a spacious lobby, an Executive Lounge for select guests of the hotel, a gym and wellness centre and all the bells and whistles that us Dubai folk think of as standard, but actually aren’t, in every hotel.

From the 22nd floor, our deluxe double room had a clear view of the city’s landscape dotted generously with urban foliage. The interior was reminiscent of classic opulence, splattered with gold accents and wooden trims. The bathroom – that which all frequent travelers use to measure the lavishness of their hotel room – didn’t disappoint. Roomy and plush, the entire room spoke of an old-world treatment of the word luxury.

The highlight of our days in the The Westin Grand would be our time in the Executive Lounge, where we would go up every morning to be greeted by spread after spread of traditional German breakfast. Three weeks after our Munich trip and we’re still coping with intermittent episodes of Bavarian sausage and bacon withdrawal syndrome.

Going out, walking along a sidestreet will get you right into Arabellapark, a district of specialty shops, lifestyle centres and an eclectic mix of dining choices, offering everything from Bavarian classics to traditional American diner staples. We recommend Wiener’s Café – ask for the famous Wiener’s Gröstl.

For more information or to book your stay the The Westin Grand Munich, call + (49)(89) 92640 or visit their website.

*From the hotel, walk a few meteres towards the Arabellapark U-bahn and take the U4 train bound for Westendstraße. Hop off six stations down at Odeonsplatz and head to the Munich Residence. A few steps from the tourist spot will reveal Maximilianstraße, Munich’s most important shopping destination.

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