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Furne One for Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj at the VMAs

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We almost were sure readers weren’t going to see anything remotely related to MTV’s Video Music Awards on La Moda, but as soon as we heard that top Dubai designer Furne One participated on some level, we had a sudden change of heart.

Pop stars Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj wore Furne One as they accepted their awards.

Generally known for their outlandish sartorial choices that couldn’t quite imitate Lady Gaga’s, Perry and Minaj posed for the cameras in two different but equally eye-catching pieces by the Dubai-based couturier.

Perry’s dress was a crystal-studded black and grayish silver number accented by three pairs of broken vinyl records with a matching Swarovski-embellished headpiece that reminded us of La Moda muse Stephanie Khouy’s ingenious Dubai World Cup gear. In an interview with yesterday’s tabloid!, Furne related of the experience, “The brief I was given was that Katy was breaking records and that I had to create something to represent that.”

Nikki Minaj’s Furne One piece – a futuristic Barbie dress made of acrylic sheets – however suffered from some serious styling problems which we’re sure would cause her to land the top spot in many of the VMA’s worst-dressed lists.

And why wouldn’t they? No amount of Christian Lacroix could counter the all bad things going on with her look – from the scoops-of-sherbet wig to the surgical mask to the mismatched shoes to all the weird toys she pulled around like misshapen Chihuahuas. The styling was such an assault to the senses that felt it absolutely necessary to do a breakdown of whatever she was wearing to try and make sense of it all.

The dress would have looked amazing – and would have made whatever statement Minaj was trying to get across by wearing a metallic Mortal Kombat-esque dress – without all the attention-deficit add-ons. We hope Furne’s label won’t get too attached to this fashion fiasco. Designers should have final say on how their custom creations can and can’t be styled, no?

Nicki Minaj photo by REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni // Katy Perry photo by Adam Orchon

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