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Check out Wolf London’s $22,000 lady cufflinks

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Twenty-two thousand dollars is a lot of money for anything fashion-related, even more so for women’s cufflinks, which ladies hardly ever wear. We don’t have anything against cufflinks per se, it’s just that a.) women don’t own a lot of clothes with cuffs, and b.) they’re a guy thing.

So we found it intriguing that Wolf London, a luxury jewellery start-up, decided to enter the market with a four-piece collection of lady cufflinks at a price point most people would find exorbitant. Granted, not all four cost as much as a Birkin – the sterling silver Freya starts at about AED 6,000 a pair – but that’s still quite a lot for something most women would have a hard time identifying a suitable use for.

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On the upside, these handmade cufflinks are designed by fashion industry-revered jewellery designer Hannah Martin, who input to Wolf London’s debut collection has captured the spirit of a goddess in her many forms: fire and ice; earth and moon.

Another justifiable cause of the steep prices, in addition to the handmade in London tag, is the use of precious stones such as black diamonds and rubies. Plus, looking at the photos, we’re getting fresh ideas on how to wear disembodied cuffs with cocktail dresses and not look [a lot] like a Karl Lagerfeld groupie.

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