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VIDEO: Léa Seydoux for Prada Candy

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The world has been buzzing since news on Prada’s latest saccharine (and uncharacteristically bold) fragrance Candy hit the internet. And right now, before it goes on sale at the beauty shelves, anything remotely related to it is just as juicy as the coveted perfume itself.

Feast your eyes on this wonderfully bizarre video ad spot of Prada Candy, featuring French actress Léa Seydoux (who also fronts the print campaign) playing the piano, demonstrating a bit of Parisian Apache dance, showing pink granny pants, and doing all that in a pair of ugly department store associate Mary Jane pumps.

The whole theme – as has been noted since the day the word candy was uttered in the same sentence as Prada – is not quite what anyone would expect from the elegantly subdued, don’t-have-to-prove-a-thing-to-anyone brand that we’ve adored all these years.

But perhaps with the company going public and needing to prove that it’s aggressive and serious about its business, Prada had to let that enduring brand image rest for a while and go for something catchier and more in your face. Well, we might have seen this coming the moment they decided to use pink for the scent’s packaging.

Video courtesy of Prada