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Leather-wearing lady sailors by LAS8 Paris

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Remember LAS8 Maison de Couture? The budding Parisian label that deals exclusively with eye-catching leather jackets pour homme et femme?

We featured their debut collection here earlier this year as we were truly impressed. To-die-for animal hide, fur and futuristic cuts? That’s the fashion triumvirate that makes us a little weak in the knees. Six months later, founders Philippe Anton and Fabien Paludetto are back with a new line of exotic pieces for fashionistas looking for something to harden up their outfit, without completely resembling a Hells Angel.

We’ve got first dibs on LAS8’s latest lookbook for Spring/Summer 2012, and while we wish there were more designs in the new Tsar collection, we can’t complain about the quality, the luxe factor and the street cred that one of these babies will surely bring to any bland outfit.

This line’s gem is the Opus, a clean-tailored collarless jacket whose silhouette is offset by the natural grooves of authentic croc skin. As with any garment made of leather, this piece is going to take a lot of guts, character and sartorial mastery to pull off – otherwise people would mistake you for some nerd going to a Matrix costume play convention.

Our favourite from this range is the Saga (pictured above), which comes in muted blue lambskin with triangular python trims around the shoulders, an apparent nod to Todd Lynn’s Spring/Summer 2011 line.

Click here to view LAS8 Paris Maison de Couture’s Tsar campaign images >>

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