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Label to watch: Seven Minutes

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When was the last time you saw guns had any significant role in fashion? Not counting Balmain’s bullet belts, weapons haven’t been given a lot of face time in everyday styling.

Emerging label Seven Minutes, a duo of twins Dina and Lina Sami, hopes incorporate artillery deeper into the sartorial psyche by launching their brand with a clutch range that uses revolvers as a focal point. Dubbed the Trigger Collection, the Seven Minutes girls’ bold and provocative line of day-to-night leather clutches only want one thing for its wearer – attention.

We speak to the twins, who were born seven minutes apart (hence the name), to discuss their background and the idea behind the new collection.

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What’s your fashion background?

We studied Graphic Design in highly fashion conscious New York City as well as traveling extensively, which helped to shape our own style and identity. We also completed a fashion course at Central Saint Martins to help bring structure to our ideas.

What’s the idea behind the trigger collection?

We wanted to make a statement; we tend to avoid generic styles.

Why did you use guns of all things as a main focal point of your clutches? Does it have anything to do with the recent Arab Spring events?

It is not linked with the Arab Spring events. We wanted to make a clutch that gets you noticed. It’s a bold statement, yet we portray it in a very fashionable and funky way.

What are the materials used for the clutch? Based on the price point these don’t seem to be real crocodile or snakeskin.

It is mock leather, snakeskin, with hand stitched beads to create the gun.

Where are the clutches available? Any local Dubai/UAE stores?

You can pick up a Trigger at S*uce stores across Dubai. We also sell in DNA in Saudi, Fashionstake in New York and will soon be found at other boutiques everywhere!

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  1. Lucy

    July 5, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Alas, they are not original, Ted Noten a Dutch designer, has done long before, check this

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