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Cenerentola, the marble shoe sculpture

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If you’re one of those people who decorate their Christmas trees with Swarovski-encrusted miniature stilettos and think the most enchanting part of the house is their own dedicated shoe closet, then get a load of this.

Italian artist and marble sculptor Emanuele Rubini recently unveiled his latest work of art, the Cenerentola (Italian for Cinderella), a gigantic marble sculpture in the form of a sleek, sky-high heel crafted with a serpentine allure. Mounted on a red platform, the sculpture’s glossy sole reflects this hue, thereby creating an allusion to shoe maestro Christian Louboutin.

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Like most other pieces by Rubini, the Cenerentola channels the surreal, otherworldly silhouettes of expressionism. Think Edvard Munch’s The Scream, only this time it’s less about a wailing woman and more about an impossibly unwearable marble heel.

According to the artist, the Cenerentola was conceived to give praise to products made in Italy and the elegance of Italian luxury products admired and even imitated all over the world. Cinderella is an unique work that idealizes the shoe as an object of desire for all women and a sought after symbol of fashion.