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Azzedine Alaïa stages first fashion show since 2003

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Azzedine Alaïa, the controversial designer who’s called out the fashion titans – Anna has bad taste, Karl’s designs are caricaturish, you get the bitter drift – and who’s refused to follow the hectic industry calendar, showed his designs at the end of couture week.

We thought we’d be disappointed, as we set the standards higher for people who have the nerve to speak out about the personalities so many people admire, or fear, but after seeing the 25-look collection, we finally saw why he didn’t need to be in Anna Wintour’s good graces.

The man’s an American bestseller, and you don’t sell if you don’t know how a sophisticated woman should look.

Coat dresses, done in a variety of fabrics including croc-stamped leather, featured a common silhouette – tailed at the top with a bell-shaped bottom half that traces from just below the waist down to the knees.

The mangy appearance of one fur dress, while looking a little bit like the fur counterpart of distressed denim, did not take away from the luxuriousness of the exotic material.

The Tunisian-born fashion maven also engineered some kind of Tinkerbell skirt-tutu hybrid, a jagged hemmed skirt with fur trims all around. Any blonde could wear it on top of an air vent and upstage Marilyn Monroe any day of the week.

And the finale? A stunning, floor-skimming belted dress in a gold-on-black fleur-like brocade pattern. Its inverted flower-shaped peplum blossoms outward as the see-through black fabric falls down to the ankles to provide a little bit of half-hearted modesty.

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