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Philip Stein on Oprah, UAE brand ambassadors and sleep bracelets

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A few days back, La Moda Dubai had the opportunity to meet Will Stein, the man behind the Philip Stein brand of timepieces. We are personal fans of his watches, which have become quite the constant conversation piece in numerous small talks.

In his casual elegance, Will began discussing with us the latest projects of Philip Stein, the wellbeing benefits of the Natural Frequency Technology used in their products, their search for UAE brand ambassadors, and of course, celebrity endorsers Oprah and Madonna.

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From watches to sleep bracelets

According to Will Stein, they announced at Baselworld 2011 the new line of products that they’re about to offer. He told La Moda, “We upgraded from quartz movement to digital movement which is an interesting development. We also added new models in our sports line, one of which will have an analog watch on the top with a digital movement below. It’s very fashionable and techie at the same time, and will come out in August.”

In the near future, July 1st specifically, Philip Stein is primarily and exclusively partnering with Emirates Airline to offer along with its Duty Free baskets the latest innovative wellbeing lifestyle product in the Philip Stein family: the sleep bracelets. Will Stein explained, “A lot of people have given their testimonials on how our watches help them get better sleep. So, I spoke to our Research Department, and after a year we’ve come up with this sleep bracelet.”

The product has been tested in the United States, and the results were stunning, according to Mr. Stein. He himself has been personally wearing the sleep bracelet for almost four months now and can attest to its efficacy. The sleep bracelet hopes to provide Emirates Airline’s passengers (in all fare classes) the benefits of enjoying the Natural Frequency Technology that is present in all Philip Stein watches.

This technology is said to help boost faster and deeper sleep. “I can tell you that wearing the sleep bracelet will give you the most amazing vivid dreams as well,” Will Stein added cheerfully.

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  1. Adeel javeed

    June 6, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    wawooooooo what a amazing…i like it..i need it…

  2. Trice

    August 29, 2011 at 2:19 am

    where can I find one?

    • Anonymous

      August 31, 2011 at 12:00 am

      Hey there, you can check out Rivoli stores for Philip Stein watches.

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