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VOGUEPEDIA: Recommended reading for every fashionista

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Obsessed with learning more about the titans of the fashion world? Writing a fashion blog that needs more depth and a bit of a historical approach to your reporting? Doing your research (or light reading, for some of us) might have gotten just a little bit easier and more organised.

Global fashion bible VOGUE is banking on its 119 years of history and experience in the fascinating world of fashion to give credence to VOGUEPEDIA, an encyclopedia dedicated entirely to fashion and the industry’s most interesting personalities.

The most predictable question to the existence of VOGUEPEDIA is “Why? Doesn’t Wikipedia have fashion articles?” But has anyone ever actually read any of the fashion entries on the anyone-can-edit online encyclopedia? God knows who wrote those articles in Wikipedia’s fashion section.

Of course, it is within the realm of possibility that Suzy Menkes or Hilary Alexander spends her down time writing fashion wikis. But so is the infinite monkey theorem. So it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

Click here to take VOGUEPEDIA out on a test drive.

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