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Talking colours at the Sterling Style Academy

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We thought it was a good way of hanging on to the very short attention spans of people today by making us learn like hyperactive toddlers. More classes should incorporate this style of teaching, but maybe not for theoretical physics courses.

Is that warm or cool? Which celeb would this look good on?

The final activities of our first day back in school included determining the personal colouring of celebrities, imagining what colour qualities would suit their skin tone, hair and eye colour, and creating a collage of cut-out magazine looks that would be perfect for them.

The way the first day was conducted was not at all intimidating for non-professional stylists, otherwise we would have gone home empty-handed. Instead, we finished the six-and-a-half-hour day as certified colour consultants.

Interested in taking the three-day course? The Sterling Style Academy is holding another session later this month, on the dates May 20 to 22 at The Address Hotel. To register, check out their website here or email your inquiries to Sterling Style Academy at

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