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Talking colours at the Sterling Style Academy

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Yesterday, while everyone was racking their brains looking for the perfect outfit to last night’s Grazia Style Awards and making their bets on who the winners would be, we took a different approach to going about the day and instead did something a little less speculative and a little more productive.

We went to school. Style school that is.

New York- and California-based Sterling Style Academy started their three-day short course on personal styling, personal shopping and image consulting at The Address Downtown yesterday, and we were lucky enough to get ourselves into the exclusive roster of enrollees.

It was a very intimate setup offering intensive, personalised attention, so we were totally mistaken when we thought we could snooze for minutes at a time without anyone noticing.

Getting ready to cut up these magazines to categorize colour!

The first day was definitely tougher than we expected, but since we were there to learn all about colour – the most fundamental element in styling – we were thankful that the concepts of colour theory & evaluation were really drilled into our heads, at least as much as a 10am to 4:30pm class would allow.

We began by learning about the dimensions of colour, colour temperature and how these combine to affect colour quality and contract, which are essential to properly assessing the right shades that would suit any individual based on their personal colouring.

What is a warm colour and what is a cool colour? What kind of colours can someone with crystal blonde hair, blue eyes and amethyst skin wear and how much contrast can they allow without looking washed out or accidentally standing out?

To answer these questions, we went old-school and looked back to the time-tested procedure of learning things – an arts & crafts session using fashion magazines.

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