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Elie Saab launches Le Parfum fragrance in Dubai, Anja Rubik stars in ad campaign

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The Pavilion in Downtown Dubai witnessed select members of the fashion press and VVIPs swarming in the lobby, patiently sipping date juice and making small talk while anticipating the much-awaited launch of Elie Saab’s first fragrance, Le Parfum, in the presence of the decorated couturier himself.

We were taken through the beginning of the idea to the execution of the whole project. Films were presented wherein the first one showed the man himself working in his atelier, creating delicate pieces dedicated to making women feel more feminine than ever.

This Elie Saab philosophy was then translated to his new project, the perfume, which was portrayed in the next films. They documented the whole process, from choosing the bottle to combining the right notes that reflect the Elie Saab brand.

Photo exclusive to La Moda Dubai by Tinayums Photography

After feasting our eyes on beautiful clips, and satisfying our olfactory sense with a hint of the perfume, Elie Saab came out of the make-up runway stage, and bowed to the audience that proudly adored him.

Polish model Anja Rubik, certainly on her way to becoming one of the modern supers, has been signed to become the face of Elie Saab’s Le Parfum. An installation of the ad campaign was unveiled at the event, depicting Anja in a nude, flowy Elie Saab gown that evokes a sense of inimitable perfection that only a true master of the art can achieve.

Standing next to him at the photo call, speechless at that moment, we felt surreal that in such a brief encounter we were able to understand him more, and we believed that his love for beauty and his ability to make women beautiful would certainly reflect on his other projects. So, for us, this was our Elie Saab moment.

Then, another surprise came – we took home a crystal-bottled perfume of jasmine, orange blossom, cedar woody and rose honey notes packed inside the delicate case of travertine beige with chocolate brown lettering of his own name standing out on the clarity of textured white surrounded by a thread of gold.


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