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Beauty Avenue: Essential Summer 2011 scents for men

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We’ve given the ladies the lowdown on the right scents to spritz on this Summer, and now it’s time we did same thing for our male readers.

Fashion-wise, Summer is about colour and linen and maxi-everything. However, when it comes to personal grooming, this season is all about keeping fresh. With the mercury rising up to the high 40s on normal days and going above 50 on really bad, hell-on-earth days, virtually no one can achieve that without some invigorating eau.

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Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane

The Thierry Mugler brand of perfumes is nothing if not quirky. After paying homage to coffee with the A*Men Pure Coffee in 2008 and to whiskey with A*Men Pure Malt in 2009, the renowned brand in haute perfumer continues its range of fragrances for men with a longing for Havana.

The Pure Havane will remind you of the Cuban capital, with a hint of delectable cigars and the lifestyle that accompanies them. Fresh tobacco leaves open up the fragrance to make way for a syrupy vanilla layer of honeyed tobacco chord. The base notes, woody and sensual with patchouli and bitter cacao, draw a picture of dominance and masculinity.

Loewe Solo Absoluto

Inspired by King Louis XIV of France, the Spanish brand Loewe’s latest fragrance for men is an Oriental iteration of 2004’s Solo. The scent’s notes include lavender, neroli, orchid, sandalwood, frankincense, bergamot, tangerine, wormwood, basil, tonka bean, amber and musk. One press on the nozzle evokes nostalgia for fallen monarchies and makes the wearer feel like a royal.

Blue Cool Seduction by Antonio Banderas

Forget the awfully cute Puss in Boots in the Shrek movie franchise and try to remember the reserved masculinity of Antonio Banderas before the age of animated comedy. The actor lends his A-list name to a limited edition of fragrances which are set to take care of your Summer heat blues. Chilly notes of green citrus and mint and an aquatic body make this perfume an appropriate choice for the season.

Moschino Forever

The new fragrance by Moschino was created for the classic man. You would initially think of Aspen or Jovan, but we said classic, not ancient. Freshness comes with a spritz, opening with bright and bold notes of bergamot and star anise, followed by a smooth layer of black pepper and clary sage, until it settles to a masterful character embodied by musk and sandalwood.

Porsche Design Sport Tonic

A perfume for the reserved, elegant, cravat-wearing cigar-smoking gentleman this is not. Porsche Design Sport Tonic appeals to the edgy, outgoing character with an aquatic citrus form punctuated by lively and memorable freshness.

It opens with dazzling notes of grapefruit and bergamot, added to an aromatic note of rosemary. The fragrance then develops with transparent and fresh aquatic notes, which combine with the elegant green note of violet leaves. The trail is characterized by woody notes of patchouli and cedar and by the sweet sensuality of amber.

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