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Tom Ford unwittingly appears in sexist used car ad

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American fashion designer Tom Ford now appears in a provocative advertisement for Ontario used car dealership Dale Wurfel, but he probably has no idea his high-profile image is being damaged to appeal to buyers of pre-owned vehicles – because he’d be crazy to pose for a campaign like this.

The Tom Ford ad was noticed after its female counterpart, which depicts a woman in a seductive pose accompanied by the copy, “You know you’re not the first. But do you really care?” caught the attention of morally upright journalists.

These hacks however had no idea who the designer was, and not until some fashion-literate readers identified Mr. Ford did they fully realize that the issue was much bigger than just a provocative ad gone wrong. Now Dale Wurfel Used Vehicles has more than just apologizing – for an error in judgment and bad taste –  to do.

We are awaiting an official statement from Tom Ford’s camp, but as many spectators of this debacle have said, a law suit just is inevitable. We’re actually surprised how few people actually know what Tom Ford looks like, but perhaps it’s totally ridiculous to expect a market that buys used cars to ID an exclusive fashion designer. Maybe the dealership was actually hoping to get away with it?

Image courtesy of AdWeek

1 Comment

  1. Used Car Japan

    April 29, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Good ad by Tom Ford for used cars. This ad will definitely attract the people to buy the used cars.

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