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Tired or inspired? New York-themed accessories by Shoe Mart

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Budget shoe and accessories brand Shoe Mart has just released its New York-themed accessories for Spring 2011, and our  built-in radar for spotting designer inspiration went haywire the minute we saw the images.

It seems the UAE-based store has more than drawn inspiration from iconic accessories such as Balenciaga’s city bag, Mulberry’s Bayswater purse and to some extent, Proenza Schouler’s PS1. We may be seeing what we want to see here, having seen these must-have bags a million times and therefore identifying bits and pieces of them everywhere we look, so we need a fresh pair of eyes to help us decide.

Are we seeing a ghost of the Mulberry Bayswater?

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Tired or inspired? The high-street has become the place to look for high design at low prices, but sometimes some brands go overboard and confuse that all-important distinction between inspiration and imitation. Join the discussion below or log on to our Facebook page to comment.

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