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Live in Dubai: Florrie for Nina L’Elixir

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Dubai’s fashion elite marched down yesterday to Art Sawa in Al Quoz to witness the launch of Nina Ricci’s latest fragrance, Nina L’Elixir.

A new variant of the wildly popular Nina scent launched in 2006, Nina L’Elixir promises to be a true love potion concocted for the young, modern princess. We don’t know why it took almost a year to get the fragrance here (everyone’s been talking about it since June 2010), but hey, we can’t complain.

Now it wasn’t just another perfume launch where some boring chap from Paris droned on about the emotional inspirations for the perfume. It was actually a bit more exciting, with a live mini concert by British singer, songwriter and drumer Florrie.

The performer was not some random choice made at the last minute, though. The budding artist has been specifically chosen by the fashion and fragrance house as the brand ambassador of the new eau de parfum.

Fronting the advertising campaign, Florrie stars in a music video – singing a dreamy, fairtytale-like pop cover of Blondie’s Sunday Girl – and enables the French marque to establish an inherent connection to the MTV generation.

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Supporting an upcoming artist instead of going for the celebrity status of people like Beyonce or J.Lo says a lot about the admirable core values of the brand. That, plus the fact that music videos aren’t a popular form of advertising anymore, especially in perfumery, is what sets the campaign apart.

We can only think of one other fragrance that can somehow be compared to the Nina L’Elixir video – the ad clip for Lacoste Touch Pink from maybe five or six years ago – but there are still major differences between the two. Check out the video below.

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