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Dress up for the beach this Summer with Aldo

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The rain showers are over and it’s about time to hit the beach again. Whether you’re going for a little family picnic in the morning or a romantic stroll in the late afternoon, it’s fashion protocol to look your best. “Accessories” are the first thing that comes to mind.

Beach accessories should be chic and functional, with a respectful nod to the beautiful elements found in Mother Nature. It may seem challenging to find anything in the shops that satisfy all of those criteria, but we’ve done our homework and have  come up with a list of suggestions for your next trip down Jumeirah Open Beach.

Aldo’s Summer 2011 accessories perfectly fit the bill for getting your feet dipped in the sand and your skin soaked in the sun. What’s more fun than wearing relaxed accessories finished in earth tones and natural materials, right?

These functional and inexpensively disposable straw hats and tote bags, aboriginal feather earrings and cute flip flops in creamy beige are just begging for you to wear them out in the sun this weekend.

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