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UNE Cosmetics for natural beauty

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You all know the common issue with makeup. Sometimes, it could be made with the weirdest, unnatural synthetic ingredients, which could result in skin irritations, blemishes, and that weird feeling that you’re wearing a tight, unbreathable mask over your skin.

This has been a major concern among makeup-wearing women for the longest time, so the beauty industry responded with a bunch of new marketing buzzwords – natural, organic, and mineral makeup. Of course, many of the brands did it only half-heartedly, perhaps just as a way of keeping up an image that they are with the times, that they know what women these days demand.

But thankfully, a few players in the beauty business took the drive for natural beauty more seriously and integrated it into their core values.

One such brand is UNE, a Parisian cosmetics house launched last year, which prides itself for its green credentials, an extensive colour range and a manifesto that calls for enhancing, not concealing women’s inner beauty.

Backed by Bourjois Paris’ centuries-long experience in makeup formulation, UNE offers products made from 98-100% natural, and if available, organic ingredients.

The packaging is also designed for minimum impact on the environment.

At UNE’s launch held recently at Dubai Festival City, we caught up with Sophie Dugue, UAE Brand Director, to talk more about the brand and the niche it fills in the region’s diverse cosmetics market.

What is the unique selling point of UNE?

Une is a new make up brand, offering a very simple contract to the consumers: natural formulas, for a natural result, for a natural style. Une is proposing a new vision of beauty, which enhances natural beauty rather than concealing it or transforming it.

Besides, UNE is proposing the first “intuitive makeup”, as it offers essential colours, inspired by the natural colours of the skin, the hair, the eye’s iris and the lips. Therefore, whatever colour you mix, you will always have a harmony; it becomes impossible to fail with your make up!

UNE also reconciles beauty’s expectations with products that are good for the skin and the planet, giving first priority to natural and organic formulations, with eco friendly packaging to minimize environmental impact. Natural formulas are all 98% to 100% natural derived ingredients as qualitative and effective as existing ones. Formulas are free of petrochemical mineral oils, Paraben, silicon, and GMOs.

Where did you get the idea to make recycled/recyclable packaging for your products?

Une has been imagined in 2007, which was an opportune time to take environmental issues into consideration for a new coming brand. Time to make things different, proper and more respectful. It is a must in our current society.

Doesn’t packaging play an indispensable role in selling cosmetics?

Yes, packaging has to be attractive especially in cosmetics, that the reason why UNE is already selling very well in other country. Women love the compact case offering a large mirror. They love also the gesture, the slide effect, and the thin design, you can carry everywhere.

Arab women want beautiful, ornamental packaging for their cosmetic products. How do you plan to win them over?

The packaging of UNE products is very trendy and modern, with a real desirable value. We are convinced that Arab women will love them as packaging is all about personal philosophy and lifestyle.

What are products are you pushing initially?

UNE is above all a story of complexion, because complexion is the essential and lasting expression of natural beauty, because it is the reflect of inner life and energy. A story of complexion where eyes and lips are devoted to it, never creating strong contrast.

Therefore, face products will be our main focus and if we look at the Middle East region specificities, products with higher coverage like 100% Mineral Powder foundation, or Soft Mineral compact foundation will certainly become the best sellers.

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