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The Outnet: Dolce & Gabbana arrives, clearance sale on March 25

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It’s very rare to receive two important news tidbits from the same source at roughly the same time, so in this case it seems the stars have aligned and shone their light on online shoppers this particular week. Or maybe it was the supermoon.

First of all, discount designer outlet The Outnet is welcoming the arrival of the Italian kings of glamour, Dolce & Gabbana. And for those who aren’t all that thrilled about the new label – and the amazing bargains that are now possible without sweating it out at a thrift shop – The Outnet is having a clearance sale for you all this coming weekend.

Starting March 22nd (that’s today), marked down pieces from Dolce & Gabbana’s previous collections will be available at the store with discounts starting at 70% off. If you’ve been dying to inject some Italian allure into your wardrobe, then now’s the time to get cross that off your to-do list.


As for headline number two, The Outnet’s clearance sale, set to go live on March 25th, is going to be held in a pop-up sale format, with the best bargains  (up to 85% off) going to the fastest and most decisive shoppers.

It might not be a good idea to hit that snooze button on Friday morning, because getting a couple hours more sleep isn’t worth missing this.

The sale event is not for the faint of heart or the annoyingly finicky – contemplate a purchase for a second and that hot Proenza Schouler number goes into the hands of the next compulsive buyer.

We’re already eyeing some really affordable pieces from Pucci, Marchesa and Marc Jacobs, which although last season wouldn’t be the worst idea to wear these days.

Time to polish that credit card, ladies!

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