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The $51,000 diamond manicure

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Show us some diamonds and you can count on us to write about it. Just minutes ago, we were alerted on the arrival of the world’s first and most expensive diamond manicure, offered by a company called Cherish…ME (the ellipsis actually is part of the name, no kidding).

Dubbed the Iced Manicure, this over-the-top luxurious treatment for your toughened keratins features an arrangement of 10 carats worth of diamonds and costs $51,000. This is a very exclusive treatment and can only be obtained following a consultation with the owner of the nail art bar herself and her team of diamond manicure experts.

Will it work here? Maybe for some people. We’re quite aware of the existence of some ladies who literally do not have to lift a finger to do anything. That’s pretty much a prerequisite with this type of crazy expensive nail art anyway because, honestly, can you imagine breaking a nail with this manicure?

Remember those $20,000 diamond-encrusted rubber flip-flops? This cosmetic treatment goes in same heap as those slippers in the ridiculous department, only this diamond manicure is almost thrice as expensive. Interested? Get in touch with Cherish…ME (again with the ellipsis!) via email at and get your digits’ bling on.


  1. Forlosersites

    March 22, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Just got back from 3 weeks building a school – or rather shack – in one of the many refugee camps in lebanon where the average family of 4 lives on less than US$20/month! This would feed over 2500 families for a year! Anyone who would do this is sick and the idiot who came up with it is even sicker!

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  8. Swatch And Learn

    April 22, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    This is extravagance at its most extreme! Makes for a fun story to tell other people about.

    In terms of practicality, this type of manicure definitely isn’t for the average woman. As much as I love nail polish, I would never drop that much green on something this ridiculous. I’ll just admire the photo, and it’s good enough for me. :)
    – Mary

  9. Virginia

    June 17, 2011 at 1:59 am

    I could see doing it for your wedding day or something REALLY SPECIAL like that, other wise it’s a waste of money! You couldn’t do anything for fear of breaking a nail or loosing a diamond! Even if that didn’t happen all your money is wasted at your next manicure when it all has to come off! It is beautiful to look at & admire though.

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