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Pick of the Day: The Max Factor Xperience

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A hundred years ago, a Russian makeup artist for the royalties named Max Factor (yes, that’s his name – the beauty industry’s Walt Disney) made it to Hollywood, and created looks that matched the glittery lights.

But, his Hollywood dream did not end inside the big studios, instead he explored the many ways by which he could use the cosmetics to make everyday women beautiful – thus the birth of makeup for all.

And a couple days back, we had the great opportunity to witness Max Factor’s innovative legacy with the unveiling of its newest Xperience Collection. It is a collection so naturally lightweight and luxurious, it is set to redefine natural beauty. With selected natural ingredients replacing heavier, synthetic ones and added SPF protection, the Xperience collection delivers a polished application that feels like it’s barely there, easily transitioning from day to night.

Xperience: Wearable foundation

According to Lily van der Woodsen/Bass/Humprey look-alike Adrienne Sharkey (Procter & Gamble Manager  for Colour Cosmetics Distributor Operations), the Xperience Foundation made her use foundation for everyday wear. She told us, “I’ve never worn one, not until I joined Max Factor, because I have this feeling that foundation makes the skin look so unnatural.

I naturally had to try our products so I’ve used the Miracle Touch, then moved to the Age Renew, but when I used the Xperience, it made me changedmy thoughts about foundations as it is very light and comes with lighter shades.”

Adrienne also filled us in that since there are significant differences between the European women and the Middle Eastern women, Max Factor decided to appoint the popular Lebanese celebrity make-up artist Joelle Mardinian as Max Factor’s Regional Creative Director.

“We’ve been the leading brand here for more than ten years, and we’ve seen the business explode in the last few years. For one, the Middle East has moved from prestige stage to mass stage. With innovation meant cheaper prices without sacrificing the quality. Secondly, because we realized that if we want to stay ahead of competition, we have to cater more to the needs of the women here. So, we reevaluated our strategies and decided to make our presence stronger here by asking Joelle to be our ambassador. She is just perfect for the role.”

Middle Eastern vs European: Different needs

But are Middle Eastern women really different from European women? Adrienne shared with us her two cents. “From what I’ve observed, I think that the difference is stemmed from the needs. Perhaps the first level of difference is that women in Europe need more anti-aging products more than their Middle Eastern counterparts. Also, European women tend to achieve quick natural looks whereas Middle Eastern women still prefer dramatic look hence the need for more eye makeup.”

Needless to say, eye makeup is really huge in the Middle East. Even makeup guru  Joelle Mardinian could not contain her love for the recently launched collection. “The new Xperience Mascara is my favorite Max Factor mascara yet. The mousse formula has been designed with natural waxes to replace heavier synthetics. The result is gorgeous, thick lashes that don’t feel heavy,” she said.

Spring/Summer 2011 looks

With Middle Eastern women in mind, Joelle created three amazing Spring/Summer 2011 looks inspired by runway looks as well. The Dramatic Look, with heavy and darker eyeshadows, was taken out of Christian Dior show. The Sparkly Look has the playfulness of Lacoste and Dolce & Gabbana’s flair which focuses on bringing out fruity lips. And, the Matte Look which has Gucci and Fendi all over as inspiration, creating for bolder lips and chestnut cheeks.

To recreate these amazing looks by Joelle, perfect for day or night wear, use Max Factor’s luxurious Xperience collection that includes the Xperience Foundation, the Xperience Mascara and the Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm.

Available in stores since January, this naturally lavish collection now offers women a makeup line that not only feels great, it’s actually good for you, too.

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