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Label to watch: √FML² fashion tees

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How many young, fashionable, business-minded Qataris does it take to screw in a lightbulb? We don’t know. But it only takes two to tickle the tastebuds of the Middle East’s increasingly discerning style community. What are we talking about? √FML², that’s what.

Founded by two Qatari girls attending Virginia Commonwealth University in the Gulf state,  √FML² is the newest t-shirt label that’s been worming its way into the brand vocabulary of the region’s fashion pack. How they registered on our sartorial radar so easily and swiftly, despite the massive assortment of styles now available locally and globally, online and off, isn’t such a profound question to ponder after all.

You know what they say in the fashion tee business – draw a skeletonized image of Karl Lagerfeld with interlocking Cs for eyes and you’ve hit the jackpot. Match that with a bit of retro reminiscence and a touch of dark humour and you’ve hit the jackpot, twice.

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We speak to the brains the behind the brand on the beginnings of √FML², how the name has managed to make a mark on the local scene, and how they see the evolution of this proudly homegrown (at least for us people in the Gulf) label.

What’s up with the name?

People always go to the obvious when they hear √FML², but it actually stands for something else. We wanted to come up with a provocative name that has a special and secret meaning to us and we thought of  √FML², the secret behind the name will not be revealed.

How did you get started on working with the t-shirt line?

We started this business as a hobby but the feedback we got was unexpected and that’s what encouraged us to go further with our designs.

Where do you get your inspiration for the statements and the designs?

We kept thinking about the type of shirts we would personally wear, every shirt we make we wear, and it seems to please people as well. Our main idea was to make something casual yet fashionable.

There are so many labels that make fashion tees in the region. What makes your designs unique?

We think that our designs are unique as they are casual, because when we usually look for comfortable shirts all we find is either a plain t-shirt or an over designed one, our main focus is something you can be comfortable in under the abaya yet fashionable when the abaya is off.

Where are you stocked right now?

We’re actually a home business now, but you never know.

Are you going to concentrate on t-shirts or will you be entering new fashion segments in the future?

All we can say is many exciting and unexpected projects are in process.

The entire collection of t-shirts can be viewed on their official Tumblr here. Individual pieces are available from QR 120 to QR 1,240. Place your orders via email and hurry, stocks are flying off the virtual shelves.


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