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8 Questions with Clarins’ Lionel De Benetti

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Ageing is a debatable topic but we know that you’ll agree with us when we say that it wouldn’t hurt to have that youthful glow. Then again, donning that fresh aura does not happen overnight – it takes a lot of effort to develop good skin care habits.

It’s indeed good news when our favourite brand Clarins announced the revolutionary anti-ageing line, Vital Light. After an extensive study of the optical properties present in skin has shown that loss of skin luminosity has many causes. The link between loss of skin luminosity and loss of skin firmness that causes lines has been revealed thanks to an innovative, multi-factor research approach.

The result is Vital Light skin care. An expert anti-ageing day and night skin care duo formulated to revive deep luminosity in the skin. Two skin care products that use the exceptional revitalizing powers of pioneer plants for the first time. Pioneer plants that help recreate life on Earth and give Vital Light skin care the power to recapture the luminous firmness of youthful-looking skin despite the years.

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Clarins Vital Light was formally announced in Dubai during an elegant morning event at Emirates Golf Club which was attended by the man behind the breakthrough, Mr. Lionel De Benetti, President for Clarins Laboratories and Clarins Logistics. And, it was a delight to have him answer our eight random questions.

Over the years, what is the most important philosophy that Clarins live by?

The philosophy of Clarins in few words would be “Respect of the consumer and innovation”.

With thousands of brands out in the beauty shelves, why do you think people still prefer Clarins?

Results, pleasure of use thanks to the texture, reasonable price make good reasons to prefer Clarins

What measures do you use to keep up with, and try to excel, beyond the Clarins heritage?

I want to maintain the spirit of Jacques Courtin, the founder of Clarins. by identifying the need of women, answer to them with efficacy.

Can you share with us some details about this new product that you are launching?

The new range Vital light is based on a new discovery of something which happens, from around 50 year in the ageing, lack of elimination of old, no more useful proteins.

For the past decades that you were in the industry, what is the biggest cosmetics breakthrough you’ve ever seen?

Evolution of cosmetic has been regular and progressive. Each breakthrough has contributed to this evolution and Clarins has played a big role in that.

Now that the industries are becoming more environmentally conscious, how does Clarins align its business strategies to caring about the environment?

We take care of environment in the choice of our ingredients, our packaging, our process, at each stage.

How do you envision the future of Clarins?

We have still, I imaging a lot of things to discover on the skin metabolism, on the plants. So I am optimistic as I am sure we create big products nearly.

What is your personal favorite among Clarins products?

My favorite product…Difficult to choose but if I have to I will say “Double Serum Generation 6.”

More about Lionel De Benetti
His desire to understand the structure of matter led to a degree in Chemistry. After two jobs at Stendhal then at Jeanne Gatineau, he started working for Clarins in 1976 as head of Research and Development. Upon arriving, Lionel de Benetti put his skin physiology expertise and his avant-garde spirit to work. Clarins quickly became a ‘pioneer’ skin care brand with real scientific discoveries under its belt along with new concepts and mythical products.

Under his direction, the brand supervises product formulation and production through an exclusive laboratory and high-tech industrial sites located north of Paris (Pontoise)- where R&D is carried out- Strasbourg (fragrances) and Amiens (logistics).

An uncontested figure in the worldwide cosmetics industry, Lionel de Benetti has worked hard from the beginning to change public opinion so that the cosmetics industry be taken seriously.Lionel de Benetti has never stopped giving Clarins ways to lead a respectful environmental policy: traceability beyond regulatory demands, a rigorous selection of suppliers who follow the Group’s ethical charter, product effectiveness and safe use, optimization of the use of natural resources and a minimal environmental impact are all areas he has been involved in.

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