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UAE’s lingerie business in exposé

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Despite the fact that the Middle East is known to be conservative in general, why do you think that the region is relevant to your brand?

Chantelle: Surprisingly or not, there are less and less differences between the Middle East and other regions regarding trends and behaviour. Lingerie has always been a very important part of women’s apparel down here, as part of the culture of seduction and elegance. What work best in Middle East is always a mix, tradition and modernity as a culture, [where] Comfort and Seduction as a state of mind. Our brand, tradition and innovation are equally representing our common values with the local culture.

Women here have a very high knowledge and vision of underwear as dress not only simple apparel. That is why we very much care about design, the same way as for Haute Couture, which is part of French history and values. Therefore we cover almost all needs. We only miss some very sexy products which are very popular here, as seduction is a real celebration here.

Simone Pérèle: On the contrary! Actually we were surprised to discover the Middle Eastern women are very feminine and seductive in their private time and space. Lingerie is definitely considered as a private affair and especially in the Middle East. Usually women are using our lingerie because they feel they could trust our products. Besides that, Simone Pérèle has a secret which is the service we provide in UAE. Dubai is not famous for the staff and frequently you won’t find somebody able to advice you properly. With Simone Pérèle you will find an excellent team who will be able to advice you and find the perfect bra for the perfect fit.

What are the collections/items that prove to be famous in the region? And, please briefly describe your latest collections.

Chantelle: This season, Chantelle showcases a new vision of the French Allure by celebrating a glamorous and sensuous duo. Similar to a tuxedo for a man, Chantelle Lingerie is simple, yet a staple essential for a woman’s wardrobe. It is the symbol of elegance. With its perfectly proportioned and balanced lines, this modern and graphic silhouette embodies the Parisian style. In this 2011 Spring-Summer collection, the black and silvery white elements are enhanced with muted grays and pastel pinks while neutral shades are subtle and yellows are soft. Earthy tones and intense coppers, along with mahogany and terracotta shades, create a graphic yet chic appeal. Ocean blue hues trace an exotic gloominess of the aquatic world.

Simone Pérèle: Everything in terms of luxury, haute couture is welcome here! That is why we are delighted to announce this season, we were highly inspired by fine perfumes which, like elegant lingerie, delicately touch the skin. This sensation is adorned as much for yourself as for another. Daring or intimate this collection features subtle notes of fresh powder and hints of nature. Inspiration from pure and intimate moments evokes a unique feeling with each design.

For this season, our main line is Bagatelle: Poetic beauty and serenity of the enchanted Bagatelle Gardens are brought to life through precious laces, embroidery and rich colours. Innovative fusion of three exceptional materials: 2011 will be definitely a tribute to the femininity!

Why do you think good quality lingerie is important to a fashionable woman? What added value does wearing your product add to the beauty/fashion of a woman?

Chantelle: Lingerie is slowly becoming a real dress and not anymore an accessory of simple underwear. We observed that women have a real concern about lingerie; they usually have different types of lingerie for all occasions of life, which is sophisticated and fashionable. Chantelle is both uniquely prestigious French Lingerie Label and everyday essential.

For example, we are working very closely with fabrics suppliers to produce its exclusive design. Furthermore, we create new embroidery with chic geometric patterns combine with a shiny/matte effect for a very feminine style. These patterns follow the current Haute Couture and ready-to-wear trends designing more structured figures.

Simone Pérèle: Actually Madame Simone’s independent spirit and her own feminine side naturally led her towards an idea that was revolutionary for the time: the idea that women should not have to choose between being attractive and being comfortable. Femininity, elegance and glamour are the key words of design to define Simone Pérèle in this season as it can outlast trends forever.

Even the simplicity could be very charming today. We share a true value in terms of lingerie because women are seeking to control its shape while remaining femininity, beauty and comfort. Briefly, design concept from French Haute Couture, our innovation and ability to always listen to women that create our sense of being “So French” for Simone Pérèle!

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