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Makeup trends for SS2011: Glowing bronze and delicate pastels by Clarins

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It’s a bit early to talk about spring, especially here in Dubai where we crave for endless Winter. Yet, whether we hold dear our furs and knee-high boots, we still need to welcome the next season with equally deep enthusiasm.

Since fashion trends have been splashed here and there (months ago, if we might add), we’re now up to readying ourselves for stocking up on the beauty must-haves for Spring. To help us out in our endeavour to keep up with the latest beauty trends, we sought expert’s thoughts from our favourite makeup brand Clarins.

Alina Babadjanova, Clarins Regional Makeup Artist, told us that they will have four makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2011. According to Babadjanova, one of next season’s biggest trends is bronzers, as perfectly tanned, radiant skin is a must. This trend can be related very well for the summer.

“Another trend will concentrate a lot on bright colours being applied either on lips or eyes. It could be a nice turquoise eyeliner, or any bright eye shadow on the eyes, or to focus on the lips then bright lipstick or lip gloss could be applied,” Alina added. She also spoke about the trend that Clarins will launch by April, which is a new foundation that allows sheer coverage and a glowing finish, looking like second skin, creating a natural look without wearing too much make-up.

The fourth trend is about using a soft bright shade for the eyes, paving the way for a soft pastel tone effect. In fact, this trend is in tune with Clarins’ Neo Pastel Palette which is already available at leading beauty counters in the city.

Why are these the makeup trends for SS2011? Alina explained, “Each collection is connected to the fashion trends. Whatever trend is unfolding in fashion, we always follow it up with inventive makeup trends invented that complete our look. It is very important to properly align seasonal makeup with these fashion trends and the reason for those trends being big this spring is quite obvious.”

She then concluded, “A makeup trend can complement the fashion season either by a makeup style that goes in contrast with the prevailing styles, or it can support the looks by going in the same direction and following the same theme, using a matching colour palettes that go with the mood of the time.”

Either matching the season’s fashion style or not, we’re very clear that we’re happy to say hello to Spring’s beauty trends. It’s going to be fun wearing natural make-up with bright lipstick and soft pastel for the eyes, and pairing it with our tanned skin this Summer.


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    February 7, 2011 at 9:38 am

    nice makup…………

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    February 7, 2011 at 9:39 am

    i like it,,,,,,,,,,,,

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