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London Fashion Week FW2011: Jasper Conran

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Is mod in again? Looks like it, if you’re going to base your assumption on the amount of retro mod squares used to craft statement pieces from Jasper Conran’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week.

From nubuck skirts and vests to modified mesh dresses, the OBE awardee used his latest line to express longing for the fashion- and pop music-loving subculture from the 1960’s. The collection is spot-on in interpreting Conran’s inspirations for this season: clean-lined modernity.

Our favourite piece from Conran’s Fall line is by far the leather skirt made out of calfskin squares. It looks more like a swatch board fashioned into something one can wrap around the body but who cares, right? If gladiators had one modernist bone in their body, they would have opted for these edgy skirts instead.

But we wonder, is this going to be a comfortable everyday separate? If you experience any discomfort, just think of the pain Kate Bosworth had to endure in that masochistically studded skirt she wore to the Burberry FW2011 show on Monday.

Tied at the second spot are the jumpshorts, which came in black and brown, and the fur-lined snakeskin vest. The cropped Summer jumpsuit is the perfect blank canvas for any frustrated stylist or aspiring bedazzler to create their own walking Mona Lisa. The reptilian vest, meanwhile, adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise uninspired, anything-that-you-could-pull-out-of-the-closet outfit.

All photographs by Duilio Marconi exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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