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London Fashion Week FW2011: David Koma

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Bouncing back from his whitewashed Spring 2011 collection is David Koma, whose Fall/Winter 2011 line shown at London Fashion Week features the intelligent use of vivid colour pops, retro shapes and photographic prints.

It is by no means a largely colourful collection, with black and beige as acting as a blank canvas from which the designs are drawn, but is nevertheless a impeccable demonstration of how to inject some much needed vibrance.

Tailored in svelte minimalist lines, disrupted only briefly by the odd fur ball here and there, the Georgian-born’s latest collection goes with the flow of Fall’s grown-up, no-nonsense style – egg head prints on dresses aside.

Koma applied perforations – and probably did some recycling by using the by-products of the process as shiny appliqués – liberally throughout the range, giving birth to such things as a new kind of thermogenically useless, perforated leather-trimmed poncho and what would have been Trinity’s uniform in The Matrix franchise, had they hired a sensible stylist for the movies.

Our overall impression of Koma’s FW2011 line is that it collectively forms a reptilian image, something almost snake-like, with curving contours and glossy scales that could either make you fall in love or scare you out of your wits, Anaconda style. It’s a brilliantly executed collection, although we’re torn about that face on the dress, and how it was included in this line. It would have been a more cohesive one if these egg head dresses were taken out and a spin-off collection was made, no?

All photographs by Duilio Marconi exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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