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London Fashion Week FW2011: Corrie Nielsen

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It’s not often that you sit in a show and see one outfit that would look right on Helena Bonham Carter. Say what you will about the woman, but her anti-mainstream take on fashion – that which goes against the style of the Alexa Chungs and the Olivia Palermos of the world – is something we deeply revere.

So when we got a good look at some of the pieces shown at Corrie Nielsen’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week, we thought, “Hey, it looks like we may have found a go-to designer for Ms. Carter. Soon we’ll see the Corrie Nielsen label mentioned in society mags which follow celebrities on the red carpet.” Aren’t these two looks so very HBC?

But of course, the show wasn’t a complete costume party of shiny bloomer capes and evil witch ball gowns; not everything screamed of theatricality. There were a slew of very wearable pieces as well, that is if you’re stylish enough to pull them off.

A midnight blue dress with drapery and a couple bows, a ruff collared white blouse accessorised with a Plato sash, a scarlet slouch cocktail frock with knot detailing, a Count Dracula-inspired coat, and a series of jackets done in varying degrees of sartorial intensity – ranging from wearable to charmingly bionic – are only a few of Nielsen’s creations that come to mind.

Our rule number one for judging a show is this: We have to be amazed. And with Corrie Nielsen’s FW2011 showcase, we were, wonderfully so. At this point in the history of fashion, which spans millennia, it’s almost impossible to say that something new can still be done to shirts and dresses. It’s always so easy to conclude that everything we see now has been done before.

But sometimes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how some designers can still come up with something not totally new but undeniably fresh. On this front, Nielsen gets our seal of approval.

All photographs by Duilio Marconi exclusive to La Moda Dubai

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