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Designer Diaries: Dima Ayad at LFW

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Showing for the first time in the English capital at an off-schedule London Fashion Week event, Dima Ayad keeps an exclusive diary for La Moda Dubai to document the stresses and the successes of staging your own fashion show in an international setting. Enjoy the personal insight these entries provide as Dima spills on what went down in her stint abroad.

Day 1 – Thursday 17th February 2011

13:00 pm:
Meeting my team directly at the hotel Jumeirah Lownes hotel, in Knightsbridge. Natalie and Stephanie flew separately from Dubai this morning and I arrive in London via Paris with Emilie, who accompanied me to the Paris to meet with textile suppliers, where I choose fabrics for my next collection.

I have 20+ family members and friends who are all due in London in the next couple of hours, including my parents and sister. We will all be celebrating my birthday tomorrow evening and of course, after the show. But for now, there is no time to meet with them.

14:00 pm:
Luggage including the collection, lookbooks and press kits safely deposited in our allocated rooms. As time is pressing, we are heading to Sloane Square to find a steamer. Breathing in the frosty air in the busy yet fashionable street, it suddenly hits us: we are in London!

A designer hard at work needs a drink with the girls to unwind, too.

17:00 pm:
Back at the hotel. We have a couple of hours free before meeting for dinner. The girls hit the high street immediately, who says jet lag when shopping is concerned?

While the girls happily shop around, I faced the first of my numerous near-meltdown moments: two of my dresses are missing. Ensue panic and much shouting. One of the dresses was left behind in Dubai, but will be flown over with a friend. Relief. Alas, the other one which was left with the tailor in Dubai mysteriously disappeared. I need something, anything!

20:45 pm:
We are going to Yautcha in Soho, a tea house famed for their dim sums. One or two Lychee martinis later, and the world is a better place again. The place is cosy and buzzing with diners, and the softly lit candles and star-lights give the place a warm atmosphere, a welcome change from the bitter cold outside.

23:00 pm:
I then went out for drinks with friends to Home House while the girls head down to the hotel for a good night sleep. Lovely night: almost forgot the show was happening in 2 days!

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