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Wraps come off the Splash 2011 fashion calendar

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Hush, hush, no more. The wait is over as we embark with excitement to reveal to you the secret project that we’ve been tweeting and sharing on Facebook just before the New Year. If you’re following us, you know exactly what we’re talking about. But, if you’re not then we think that you’ve been missing so much.

Nonetheless, it’s our pleasure to finally share with you, as it is being launched right now at the One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel, every single detail about this fashion project.

A nod to the late Lee McQueen and the surreal aesthetic of Avatar awaits Dubai’s VIPs.

Splash (yes, your guesses are correct!) collaborates with top photographer Tejal Patni to create the definitive and first-ever Splash 2011 “Fashion” Calendar for the purveyors of fashion and style in Arabia’s city of gold. Although the local high street brand has issued annual calendars in the past, this one is quite unique in that it guarantees to make a statement and leave a stylish impression.

We’re told by our birdie from the creative team – Raza Beig, CEO of Splash – that “the limited edition calendars are for people who are close to [us as a] business. I hope the calendar will be a prized possession of the owner. The calendar on the desk top or mounted on the wall will remind them of Splash, the fashion brand and I do hope that it will convert into sales as and when the need arises.”

Raza further explained, “The A2 size calendar is a collector’s piece and worthy of treasuring. The calendar is a piece of art put together by some of the most creative people in the industry.”

Given the peek that we’ve had last week, it is no surprise that the calendar turns out to be so artistic and gorgeous that it’s going to be coveted by any fashion connoisseur in the country. Whether mounted on the wall or fixed atop the table, this calendar promises to be a truly appealing sight.

Aside from its apparent exceptional beauty, what else makes the Splash 2011 Calendar extra special? Well, we have four elaborate reasons:

1.) The passion. According to Raza, the passion driven into this calendar is priceless. He said, “To see such creativity emerge in such a short period of time is in itself motivating and drives me personally to do better.”

2.) The concept. Black is the consistent theme across all seasons. Tejal openly used influences from his favourite feature films and works of great directors. The images proved to combine influences of Tim Burton’s and Federico Fellini’s work, plus some Broadway shows for set inspirations.

3.) The process. Tejal created 12 different scenes as though each one comes from a script of 12 different films. He created a mood board for the entire calendar in terms of where he wanted to head visually. Each mood board pertains to “what is it that he wanted to say in each scene”. Tejal pursued that the backgrounds would appear to have a semi-realistic, animated and surreal touch to each scene. The process was simple, yet complicated in terms of judging the scale and perspective of each set. All background illustrations were done in different layers to create a level of depth during the shoot wherein all elements were cut to perfection and placed on set in different layers.

4.) The team. The creative team from Partnership (Splash) and Tejal Patni are the concept drivers along with Tejal also shooting the calendar. Tejal invited Kirsten Hermans from New York to ensure that the styling was unique, along with Sofi Longhurst for hair and makeup. Andrew Del Rosario was responsible for the incredible set designs and the impressive background illustrations were done by Lia Golemba. It was a huge team who worked on ultimately creating 12 pages of absolute visual titillation.

Our other birdie in the team, the photographer himself, Tejal Patni, commented, “The attempt to make the calendar is epic.” This notable remark has made us shriek with sheer enthusiasm as we await our copy. Unfortunately, this artwork will only be available to a select group of fashion aficionados this evening. But, post launch, 10 days afterwards, these calendars will be available as desktop calendars for customers. It is only a limited quantity and will be tied to a minimum purchase.

Lucky for you, dear readers, we will be giving away a limited Splash 2011 fashion calendar to one of our most loyal followers. So, stay tuned for details.

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    April 27, 2011 at 11:37 am

    when is the 2011 chalhoub semi-annual sale? :)

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